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SavingsFund helps families secure their children’s future by providing an easy way for loved ones to give money towards a child’s long-term savings goals (college, investments, etc). SavingsFund is a secure way to receive money for birthdays, holidays, and accomplishments.

Have you ever thought, “I wish I had started saving money at an earlier age?” This convenient online platform makes it easy for friends and family members to give money your child can use for college, home ownership, or long-term investments.

  • Create

    Create a Secure Profile for Your Child. Just 3 simple steps.

  • Share

    Easily Share with Family / Friends for Holiday and Birthday Gifts.

  • Receive

    Receive Financial Gifts for College and Long Term Savings.

Why It Matters

Prepare now for these Financial Realities:

  • College

    The US Department of Education estimates that in 18 years public school tuition will run $200,000+ (4 years); private school tuition will cost $400,000+.  College Cost Calculator

  • Financial Security

    Considering inflation and reductions in pension plans, kids today will likely need to have more than $2 million invested to make ends meet at retirement age. View this retirement calculator and start planning for their futures now.  View this Retirement Calculator

  • Homeownership

    The American Dream of homeownership is within reach for those who start saving when they’re young. Given today’s need for a higher down payment to qualify for home loans – now is the time to start a child’s savings fund.

  • The Solution

    Experts recommend starting a consistent savings plan, having a long-term investment strategy, and gaining a financial education. Give your child this huge advantage!

How It Works

  • Create a Free, Secure, Profile

    In just a few minutes you have created a free and secure profile for your child or teenager.

  • Easily Share with Friends & Family

    With one click you can share your child’s SavingsFund profile with the contacts you choose. Easily email friends & family with one click or post to Facebook & Twitter – you’re in control.

  • Receive Financial Gifts

    Your child’s savings gifts are processed securely through PayPal. You can access funds anytime and keep track of how much your child has raised using your personal dashboard.

  • Safe and Secure

    Parents maintain control of who sees their child's profile. If you want privacy, simply email a direct link to friends and loved ones. You can also choose to share via social media.

  • Track Your Progress

    Families can watch your SavingsFund grow with the interactive platform. Get your children involved in the process and monitor your savings together.

  • Share Financial Education Lessons

    Use the complimentary material provided to ensure your child learns the financial skills they need to manage the money they raise. You also will receive complimentary education material as you reach savings goals.


SavingsFund was developed to help families secure their children’s or teenagers’ futures. The program provides an easy way for loved ones to give money towards your child’s long-term savings goals. Whether the goals are college or getting a head start on retirement, SavingsFund provides a platform for families to receive financial gifts for birthdays, holidays, and accomplishments.

Most parents are concerned with the rising cost of college and other future financial needs; yet they don’t have a savings plan in place for their kids. SavingsFund makes it easy to help your children start saving money while helping kids acquire important money management knowledge. Plus gift givers feel good knowing their financial presents will offer long-term benefits.

SavingsFund was developed by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) based on feedback from parents, financial professionals, and personal finance experts. The platform offers a convenient way for families to help secure their children’s futures – thus helping them avoid the worry and stress of financial problems that plague most people.

The mission of SavingsFund and the National Financial Educators Council is to create a world where our youth begin saving money at a young age and are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives.

Financial Education

The National Financial Educators Council created SavingsFund to help secure the financial future of our country’s children. In addition to helping kids start saving early, SavingsFund provides comprehensive financial education resources to teach vital money management lessons.

Everyone who registers is given access to the NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign resources—comprehensive financial education material for families. This material was designed by a team of educators, personal finance experts, and financial professionals. The resulting content meets educational standards while offering practical tools to help people prepare for the financial “real world.”

The NFEC’s programs are used by families, schools, nonprofit and government organizations. Some of the complimentary material provided is being taught campus-wide through Arizona State University, taught statewide through Wake Technical Community College and used by thousands of schools across the country.

  • Compound Interest

    Experts agree: Saving money at a young age gives our children a big advantage. Click here to see how compound interest can improve your child's future.

  • Security & Lifestyle

    Money issues lie at the root of many problems: Stress, relationship strain, and missing out on life. Do your part to ensure that your child lives a happy, rewarding life.

  • College Education

    Rest easy knowing friends and family have a convenient way to support your child's college education. (College Calculator)

  • Financial Education

    Do you wish you were taught about money when you were younger? Help your child pick up vital money management lessons.

Security & Control

With SavingsFund you have complete control of the gifted monies. You decide who can view your profile and all transactions are processed securely.

Parents maintain control of who sees their child’s profile. If you want to maintain privacy, simply email a direct link to friends and loved ones. Those who are comfortable sharing the link with their Facebook friends can do so easily with a single click. There is no ‘search’ feature on SavingsFund, so your profile’s privacy is ensured.

SavingsFund uses PayPal as the payment processor so you have the freedom to move the money into accounts or investments that are best for your child. Account information is securely encrypted on PayPal servers and never shared with outside organizations. PayPal transactions are monitored 24/7 by security specialists; additional security is provided through PayPal’s Purchase Protection and Seller Protection programs.

You maintain complete control of the monies deposited. All financial gifts made through the SavingsFund platform are stored in your personal PayPal account. You have complete control over these funds and can withdraw your money after the transaction has cleared the security procedures (typically 2 to 5 days).

Withdrawing funds from PayPal is easy, and just takes a few clicks after logging on. SavingsFund suggests that you open a savings account for your child. An account at a bank or credit union offers your child many benefits: account management practice, a head start toward building their financial profiles, learning about interest, and preparation for the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to accept financial gifts?
Just a few minutes of your time. provides everything for you. Complete setup takes only a few minutes.
How do I know when I receive a financial gift?
You will receive a notification through email or profile communication.
Will I know who gives a gift?
Yes. You will receive an email when your child receives a gift, and you have access to a dashboard where you can see all the stats.
How long does it take for funds to be credited to my account?
It typically takes PayPal between 2 and 5 days to credit funds to your account. This clearance period provides added security for both the gift giver and the recipient.
How are payments processed?
Securely via PayPal. Those without a PayPal account will be asked to create a secure account during the registration process. The SavingsFund account is automatically linked to your PayPal account so you know each time you receive funds.
Do my kids need a bank account?
No, but opening a bank account for your child does offer many benefits.
Do gift givers need a PayPal account?
How do I move the gift monies received?
SavingsFund makes receiving gift funds simple. Simply log into your PayPal account and transfer money or request a check with a few clicks.
Are there any fees for gift receivers?
Will the gift givers pay any fees?
Yes. Gift givers pay 5% + $0.30 to cover credit card processing and licensing fees. Any overage received by SavingsFund is used to promote financial literacy awareness.
How do I let people know about this?
The built-in email and social media sharing features make sharing your child’s gift list easy.
Besides birthdays and holidays, how else can I raise money?
The NFEC provides fundraisers for kids that facilitate the social good, provide life skills education, and raise money.

Gift Givers

A SavingsFund gift shows you truly care about a child’s future. Besides providing money for education or long-term savings, SavingsFund also provides comprehensive financial education resources to help kids manage their money. You can feel good knowing your SavingsFund gift will benefit young people for many years to come.

  • Review their profile

    Simply follow the link sent to you. To protect security of the children’s profile, you must have a direct link to a child’s profile to give that child a financial gift. *Use the email below to invite families that are not yet registered.

  • Checkout securely with Paypal

    If you do not have a PayPal account, simply check out as a guest – no account needed.

  • Write Personalized Note to gift recipient

    Just like completing an ecard, insert your personal best wishes to the child receiving your gift if you wish.

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